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ICNZ 2020 Speaker Series

The ICNZ 2020 Speaker Series provides access to international and local experts to discuss the topics and issues that are affecting the sector both here in New Zealand and around the world.

Running from 14 July thorugh to the end of the year, the webinars will deliver thought provoking sessions to encourage wide conversation and enable attendees to continue their professional development.

14 July

The future of insurance in a post-COVID world

Registrations now open

30 July

The COVID effect: what the new financial landscape looks like

Registrations now open

27 August

The empowered consumer

Registrations now open

8 October

Insight into fraud in times of recession

Registrations now open

10 November

A deep-dive into the US election: its global implications and the strategic challenges for insurance

Registrations now open

26 November

The perfect storm: Our climate and NZ’s resilience into the future

Registrations now open

The series would not be possible without the support from our sponsors - find out more here.