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Fraud is an important industry issue, which can have far-reaching consequences.

Insurance fraud is illegal and a cost to our community and every policyholder.

Insurance fraud

Insurance fraud is an illegal act in which a consumer lies to an insurer to gain a benefit.  Most insurance fraud occurs at claim time, through claims for:

  • events/losses that didn’t happen
  • staged losses – for example, arson and vehicle theft
  • exaggerated claims

In addition, a large number of fraudulent claims occur for non-disclosure of information that insurers require, in order to match the correct premium to the risk.

In September 2019 the Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB) was launched by the ICNZ as New Zealand’s first integrated initiative to target insurance fraud through detection and education. All 28 ICNZ members are members of the IFB.

For more information on the IFB, who they are and what they do, visit


If you suspect someone has committed insurance fraud, report it

You can report fraud on the IFB website. Reports can be made anonymously and all information is kept confidential.

Report fraud